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Keith Emmer (Startegix), Jill Ivey (Jilletante Creative), Marcie Lord (Digital Dynamo), and Claudia Hernandez (Innovate Online Marketing) at the Small Law Firm Symposium

Last month, I had the honor of participating on a panel with Claudia Hernandez of Innovate Online Marketing, Keith Emmer of Startegix, and Marcie Lord of Digital Dynamo as part of the new York City Bar’s Small Law Firm Symposium. Our panel focused on the importance of an integrated marketing strategy, and I was there to talk about content and storytelling.

The panel was covered in Law360, which breaks down some of the highlights of each of our presentations. A few key takeaways:

  • From Claudia: Your website is “one of the most powerful marketing tools that businesses have.” It should be welcoming and helpful right off the bat and give visitors an idea of who you are. It’s also important to prioritize speed and performance on your site.
  • From me: Content gives lawyers an opportunity to show your prospective clients not just what they do but they you are as people. Think about your ideal client and tell them a compelling story that’s tailored to them. Your content should read like it’s coming from a real person, not a walking resume or diploma.
  • From Keith: Small law firms and solo attorneys “‚Ķhave tremendous advantages over big-firm attorneys in at least one way, which is that you aren’t conflicted out of many things that would be interesting to talk about.” This allows you to offer yourself as a resource to journalists who are reporting about issues relevant to your expertise. And then once you’re quoted in one of those journalists’ articles, use the coverage as an opportunity to reach out to current and prospective clients.
  • From Marcie: Search engine optimization (SEO) helps you build your brand because if it’s done well you can wind up at the top of the search results for someone looking for attorneys in your sector. And, your site has to work. “Google’s not going to serve up a website in search results if it takes more than two seconds to load. It’s just not going to happen.”

Claudia, Keith, and Marcie are all experts at what they do and it was such an honor to present with all of them. If you’re curious about working with any of us (or some combination of us in collaboration), reach out and I’m happy to make the connection!


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