About Jilletante Creative:

Anyone can tell you what they do or what they sell. Not everyone can tell you the story behind their business, or what makes them an expert in their field.

Selling on superlatives only gets you so far: anyone can claim to be the biggest or best or fastest or smartest. Heavy-handed sales language like this doesn’t make you stand out; if anything, it makes you blend in with the crowd. What you need, to sell your product, your service, yourself is…


Jilletante Creative is a story-first content consultancy, owned and operated by me, Jillian (Jill) Ivey. I collaborate with clients at all stages of their content lifecycle, from a thousand-foot content strategy planning process to day-to-day content creation, copywriting, and editing.

Working closely with you, I can:

  • Help you find your unique voice—either as an organization or an individual executive or entrepreneur
  • Craft your key messages
  • Identify and “locate” your key audience
  • Conduct a deep-dive content audit to look at what has worked so far and what needs improvement
  • Create compelling copy for your website or printed marketing materials
  • Write a bio or bios that feel authentically “you”
  • Build a comprehensive content strategy and editorial calendar that both keeps you on track and also gives you the flexibility to make changes as you see fit
  • Develop thought leadership content based on your subject matter expertise and unique point of view, including articles, white papers, speeches, and even social media content
  • Create content on a rolling or ad hoc basis
  • Collaborate with your team or other vendors to design and/or disseminate content

Is there a component of storytelling and content strategy that you’re interested in, but that I didn’t cover above? Drop me a line! If I can’t help you, there’s an excellent chance I know someone who can.

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